Use this document for basic information when using Windows Live Movie Maker. For more detailed information or khổng lồ tải về, refer to lớn Microsoft"s Windows Live Movie Maker Web site.

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At the publication time of this document, Windows Live sầu Movie Maker does not tư vấn importing truyền thông media through analog connections. To import truyền thông from a digital Clip camera use the USB or IEEE 1397 Firewire connections. If your digital video clip camera does not tư vấn USB or Firewire connections, use the Clip capture software provided with the camera to lớn transfer the media khổng lồ the computer then import it as a tệp tin inlớn Windows Live sầu Movie Maker.
Cliông xã Start
, All Programs, and select Windows Live Movie Maker. The Windows Live Movie Maker window displays.

mở cửa Windows Live sầu Movie Maker & use the following steps to lớn add videos & photos from the computer.
Windows Live sầu Movie Maker can also import media from external sources such as CD, DVD, memory thẻ, thumb drive, and network folders. Do the following to lớn import media:

Browse to lớn the thư mục containing the videos or photos you want lớn add, select the files, & then cliông chồng xuất hiện. The tệp tin is added khổng lồ the movie.
If you use Windows Media Center và a TV tuner khổng lồ record television programs, the programs are saved in c:UsersPublicPublic Recorded TV.


To import all items from the camera or camcorder, select Import all new items now, và then cliông chồng Import.
To choose which items to import, select Reviews, organize, and group items lớn import, & then cliông xã Next. Then select the items lớn import và clichồng Import.

To add music from the beginning of the movie, clichồng Add music on the Home tab. Then browse khổng lồ the music, select it, và then click xuất hiện.
On the Home tab, cliông xã the arrow at the bottom of Add music & select Add music at the current point.
Select options such as fonts, size, bold, background color và start time. You can also select an effect for the title.

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Select options such as fonts, form size, bold, background color & start time. You can also select an effect for the caption.