Windows 7 ISO File Download (Professional / Ultimate) 32/64-bit for PC is a series of versatile & top operating systems for both entertainment và business. Unlượt thích its successors, Windows 7 consider being the best for industries. The miễn phí version of Windows 7 Ultimate enables you lớn work in Windows XP Mode. So encryption of data in BitLocker gives safety khổng lồ your data. It supports 35 languages. So you will feel a pleasant difference with the addition of new features. Like system screen, attractive gadgets, OS Efficiency, and presentation mode. Specializes in Media Players, OS security features with firewall, tư vấn Older OS programs. Drivers Compatibility, and a lot more for experiencing on Window 7 Ultimate.

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How khổng lồ Windows 7 ISO File Download and Install (via USB)

Go to lớn the download section and download the Windows 7 ISO image file.Plugin at (least 8- 16 GB of space) USB flash driveOpen the software, select the ISO image file.Start the process.Plug-in the USB drive on the required system.Restart the systemClichồng on the Menu key khổng lồ boot the USB first.Select the USB device and start the Windows 7 installer.Select language, time, setting và cliông xã on ‘Install Now’In the case of the already installed window, just select Windows Drive sầu và format the partition. Or press the Drive Options liên kết for creating a new partition.Cliông chồng on Primary Partition and then start the installation.Complete installation without pressing any key in case of restarting the system.Create a user account & follow the instructions.Remove sầu the USB Drive sầu & activate Windows 7.


Windows Starter

The very first version of Windows 7 with a few features và is available in a 32-bit version. Users can’t change desktop wallpaper as well as visual styles.

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Because this version is pre-installed on PCs.

Main Features

Windows 7 is a series of versatile và best operating systemA không tính tiền version enables you khổng lồ work in Windows XP.. modeHomeGroupQuickly access khổng lồ any of your favorite programsSnipping Tool takes easy screenshotsSearch EverythingSupport 64-bitSecure your data with BitLockerSupports Multiple LanguagesAutomatic Backup & recovery

Note: This is Trail Version for Activation Then Buy From Microsoft Official Website