Broadcasting WiFi via Laptop to lớn devices around, from mobile khổng lồ Laptop is quite common. In this article, we will guide you how lớn play WiFi from Laptop using Wi-Host software.

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There are many software to lớn support users to tóm tắt WiFi connection from Laptop khổng lồ surrounding devices, Wi-Host is one of them. The software has quite simple usage, easy lớn install và use. Especially compatible with Windows 10 operating system. In this article, we will guide you step by step to set up your Laptop lớn become a portable WiFi station, which can be shared to any device from the phone to Other máy tính xách tay.

Step 1:

Download the Wi-Host software khổng lồ your computer and extract it. The tệp tin contains two different options for different operating systems, including Windows Vista & above & Windows 8 and above . Please tiông chồng the folder for the version of the computer operating system you are using.

Note : Wi-Host does not tư vấn Windows XP.


Step 2:

To use the software, we run the program under management (administrator) of Windows. Therefore, right-cliông chồng the Wi-Host.exe cộ file, then select Run as administrator from the thực đơn that opens.


Step 3:

Next, khổng lồ check if your computer is supported for Wi-Fi playbaông chồng, clichồng the Hosted Netword Supported button on the main interface of the program.


Step 4:

If your computer supports this feature, a new window will appear. Click OK .


Step 5:

At the main interface of the software, select Setup Hosted Network or cliông chồng the Setup New Hosted Network tab lớn mix up the Wi-Fi hotspot.


Step 6:

New interface appears. Here we will create a name for the Wi-Fi network to lớn share lớn everyone in the New Network Name box (SSID) . Enter the Password in the Hosted Netword key section .

Note : the password needs to be longer than 8 characters.

After filling in, click on Setup Network to complete the thiết lập steps.


Step 7:

A notification dialog box will appear shortly after the cài đặt for Wi-Fi is shared, with the name & password you just phối. Cliông xã OK khổng lồ continue.


A new dialog box will appear asking if you want to start Wi-Fi playbachồng from your computer, cliông chồng Yes lớn agree.


Step 8:

After agreeing khổng lồ play Wi-Fi, the new dialog box will appear asking the user khổng lồ complete the final step, before turning the computer into lớn a network base station.

By default, Windows does not allow computers lớn cốt truyện the Internet due to security. Therefore, users must activate the Internet sharing feature on the computer themselves lớn allow devices that can connect khổng lồ Wi-Fi issued by the computer. At this new dialog interface, you will cliông chồng on Open Network Connections .


Step 9:

At the Network Connections interface, navigate to the network icon whose name matches the name you have sầu mix. Right-cliông chồng & select Properties .


Step 10:

A new window opens, we select the Sharing tab and check the Allow other network users section to lớn connect through this mạng internet computer"s connection . Clichồng OK lớn save.


So other computers can catch Wi-Fi networks emitted from your Laptop.

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The process of setting up Wi Host software is quite simple and fast. Just need a computer and install Wi-Host, every other device can catch Wi-Fi from your own máy vi tính.

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I wish you all success!