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Bạn đang xem: Lỗi the user profile service failed the logon trên windows 10

Users reported The User Profile Service failed the logon error message while trying to log in to lớn Windows 10, so let’s see how lớn fix this problem.

What to bởi if User Protệp tin Service failed the logon on Windows 10?

1. Change the registry

Sometimes your tài khoản might get corrupted, & that can prevent you from accessing Windows 10. This is a frustrating problem, but you can fix it by modifying your registry.

Before we start, we need to lớn mention that modifying registry can lead to system instability & crashes, therefore it’s advised to create a backup just in case anything goes wrong.

To edit the registry you’ll have khổng lồ sign in as a different user, but if you have only one user trương mục, you can also use Safe Mode lớn edit the registry. To enter Safe Mode follow these steps:

Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings. Cliông chồng the Restart button.When your computer restarts you’ll see a các mục of options. Select Safe Mode with Networking by pressing the appropriate key.

To fix The User Protệp tin Service failed the logon problem, you’ll need Registry Editor, và you can start it by following these steps:

After changing the registry, try to login lớn Windows 10 by using your user account.

Unable lớn log in with your Microsoft Account? Fix that with this simple guide!

2. Create a new user account

To fix The User Protệp tin Service failed the logon error on Windows 10, some users are suggesting to lớn create a new user trương mục.

Since your user account is corrupted, one way khổng lồ fix it is to create a new one and migrate all your files to it.

pTo create a new user trương mục you need lớn enter Safe Mode & follow these steps:

After you create a new account, try logging in to lớn Windows 10 with your new user account.

If everything works without problems, you’ll have khổng lồ move sầu your personal files from your previous trương mục and use this trương mục as your main one.

3. Delete the SID and create a new profile

Few users are suggesting khổng lồ delete the SID & create a new user profile in order lớn fix this problem. To vị that, follow these steps:

After you bởi vì that, start Registry Editor.Go to lớn the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList key in the left pane.Locate the S-1-5 thư mục that has a long array of numbers in its name. Click it và check the ProfileImagePath string to see if it’s your profile.

This step can cause stability issues, therefore it’s recommended that you create a backup of your registry, or even a System Restore point before proceeding. Bear in mind that this step might not work if you have only one user protệp tin. After removing the registry key, create a new user profile by following the steps from previous solution.

Can’t log in with Microsoft Account after rollback? Use this guide to fix that!

4. Copy the Default thư mục from a different Windows 10 PC

According lớn users, you can fix this problem by copying the Default folder from another Windows 10 PC.

This process is quite simple, and in order to complete it, you’ll just need a USB flash drive và another working PC.

To fix this problem, follow these steps:

Go to lớn the working Windows 10 PC và navigate lớn C:Users folder.Switch back khổng lồ the problematic PC và go lớn C:Users folder. You might have sầu lớn use a different profile or Safe Mode in order khổng lồ complete this step.Paste the Default thư mục from your USB flash drive to your computer.After pasting the Default folder restart your PC and try to lớn log in with your main tài khoản.

5. Cheông chồng your registry

Users reported that sometimes the Default protệp tin key can point to lớn a different version of Windows, especially if you upgraded from a previous version of Windows.

To fix this problem, you need to lớn manually change few registry settings.

To bởi vì that, follow these steps:

Cthua thảm Registry Editor & try khổng lồ login with your user trương mục again.

6. Replace the NTUSER.dat file

According lớn users, The User Protệp tin Service failed the logon error can occur due lớn corrupted NTUSER.dat tệp tin.

To fix this problem you need lớn find a working version of NTUSER.dat file.

You can get this tệp tin from a different Windows 10 PC, or you can use the one from your PC. Simply go to lớn C:UsersDefault và move sầu the NTUSER.dat to a different folder.

Now go khổng lồ C:UsersPublic folder và locate the NTUSER.dat tệp tin & copy it lớn C:UsersDefault folder.

7. Use Windows 10 Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a special mode of Windows 10 that starts with default drivers & mặc định software, & if you can’t log in khổng lồ Windows 10, you should try using Safe Mode.

Users reported that in order to fix this problem you just need to lớn log in to lớn Safe Mode và the problem should be repaired automatically.

To see how lớn enter Safe Mode, check Solution 1 for detailed instructions.

8. Use System Restore

You can solve The User Protệp tin Serivce failed the logon error by restoring your system.

You need to select a restore point when the computer was working properly. Click Next & then Finish.

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The User Profile Service failed the logon can be a quite frustrating error because it prevents you from accessing Windows 10 with your user tài khoản, but we hope that you fixed this problem after using one of our solutions.