Easily install the latest version of the Realtek HD Audio Drivers!

Installing the latest Realtek audio HD drivers can help resolve sầu a few issues when it comes to the sound on your Windows 10 pc or máy tính xách tay.

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If you are experiencing problems with your sound not working, or your system says it’s missing the Realtek audio drivers then don’t panic because it’s not too difficult lớn install them.

An audio driver is basically the software that helps your operating system khổng lồ talk to your audio devices such as; speakers & sound cards etc., so it is important khổng lồ keep them updated.

If your system already has the Realtek audio drivers installed then just make sure you keep them updated khổng lồ the lademo version lớn prsự kiện any sound issues occurring on your Windows 10 PC or laptop.

****Top Tip****To find out which version of Windows you are running khổng lồ downlaod the correct audio drivers: Right-cliông chồng on the Windows start menu icon > System > About tab > Under ‘Device specifications’ you will see your version next lớn ‘System type’

To install Realtek HD audio drivers:

1. Cliông chồng on the following Realtek links here

2. Once you are on the Realtek audio drivers download page you now need lớn select the version driver for your Windows operating system (e.g 64bit or 32bit. If you are unsure how to lớn vì chưng this then check out this post here)


3. Once you have downloaded the driver you now need lớn run the thiết lập tệp tin and follow the on-screen steps. (Make sure you save any work as you will need khổng lồ restart your system)


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If you already have sầu Realtek audio drivers installed then the install will remove the drivers first then ask you lớn restart your PC or máy vi tính, and once it has restarted it will then install the new driver.


5. Once the install has finished & you have restarted your system you should now have successfully installed the Realtek audio drivers.

To kiểm tra if the driver installed successfully cliông chồng on the speaker ibé in the system tray then kiểm tra the output device says Realtek (you may need to lớn change the output device)


If you are still having issues with the audio or sound not working on your computer then kiểm tra this troubleshooting page for audio problems here

Check out the video tutorial below on How To Install Realtek HD Audio Drivers In Windows 10 if you are getting stuck: