Error Unhandled Exception – C0000005 at 006F6330 often appears, making the player unable khổng lồ open the game GTA Vice City. If you are also having this problem, then follow the instructions that shared in the following article to fix the problem and continue to lớn experience action-packed adventures in GTA Vice City. .

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GTA Vice City is the favorite game of many players, but recently many people have encountered errors Unhandled exception c0000005 can’t play GTA Vice City. So is there a way khổng lồ khuyễn mãi giảm giá with this? The answer is yes & here is what you need to vì to lớn resolve sầu this issue.

Link khổng lồ tải về the lakiểm tra GTA Vice City:

=> Link tải về GTA Vice City for PC

=> Link tải về GTA Vice City for Mac

=> Link download GTA Vice City for Android


=> Link tải về GTA Vice City for iOS


How to fix Unhandled exception c0000005 cannot play GTA Vice City

You follow the steps that mô tả below to lớn fix the error Unhandled exception c0000005 cannot open GTA Vice City:

Step 1: You right cliông chồng on the game GTA Vice City and select Properties.

Step 2: In the window gta-vc Propertiesyou clichồng on the tab Compatibility, check the option Run this program in compatibility mode for và choose Windows 98 / Window Me as shown below.


Step 3: Next, you come This PC, right clichồng on it và select Properties.


Step 4: In the window System, you choose Advanced system settings.

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Step 5: In the next window, clichồng on the tab Advanced> Settings button …


Step 6: You select the tab Data Execution Prevention in the window Performance Options and tiông xã the option Turn on DEP.. for this programs & services except those I select:


Step 7: You press the button Add … và select the tệp tin gta-vc.exe. Make sure you hit a kiểm tra mark before this tệp tin. Then, cliông chồng on Apply> OK lớn save changes.

* After completing these steps, the error Unhandled exception c0000005 could not open GTA Vice City has been fixed. You can open GTA Vice City và continue to lớn explore the great quests và adventures in this game. In addition to lớn this error you can see more ways Fix Cannot find 640×480 đoạn Clip mode error When opening GTA game that many users encounter when installing!