Adobe Flash is now "End of Life"

As of December 31, 2020, Adobe has stopped supporting Flash Player. It"s no longer possible khổng lồ tải về it from Adobe"s website and Adobe won"t be releasing any new versions or security fixes for it.

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Additionally, as of January 12, 2021, even if you have sầu Flash Player already installed, it won"t run Flash files any more, thus rendering it completely "End of Life".

Read more about the over of Flash

This guide will guide you through the process of downloading và installing Adobe Flash on Microsoft Windows.

Please note: the version numbers shown in these screenshots reflect the lachạy thử version at the time these guides were made; in time these version numbers will become out of date; so please don"t get confused by this!

Run the installer

Once the tải về has completed, open your Downloads folder and find the installer file.

Ensure that it is actually the same tệp tin you just downloaded from Adobe. Double cliông chồng it to run the installer.


Depending on your Windows Security Settings, you may be prompted by Windows asking you if you really intended to lớn run the installer program.

Read the prompt carefully; ensure that the publisher"s name is Adobe Systems Incorporated. If it is, cliông chồng the "Run" button.


Again, depending on your Windows Security Settings, you may be prompted to lớn allow the Adobe Flash Installer lớn modify files on your computer. This is an important safeguard lớn make sure you really want lớn let software you"ve sầu downloaded from the mạng internet make changes to your computer. Again, please make sure this is the correct installer tệp tin & then when you"re satisfied that it is, cliông xã the "Yes" button.


Allow Flash lớn kiểm tra for updates

Adobe Flash is able khổng lồ regularly kiểm tra with Adobe if there is a newer version of Flash available lớn download.

Flash has been found lớn be vulnerable khổng lồ a number of serious security problems, so now more than ever it is a good idea to lớn let Flash check for updates.

Be aware that this means Flash will occasionally connect to Adobe"s servers lớn see if there is a new version.

Either of the first two options presented is fine. The first one ("Allow Adobe khổng lồ install updates") means that any newer versions of Flash will automatically tải về and install themselves.

Some users may be a bit hesitant about letting software automatically download new versions and install themselves, so they may instead choose "Notify me khổng lồ install updates". In this case, Flash Player will still check for updates khổng lồ itself so that you still are aware that there is a new version, but it won"t automatically install the updates; you will be prompted to easily download & install it with your consent.

Clichồng "Next" to lớn run the installation process.


The installer will now tải về Flash

You have now made your choices about what to install và how it is configured; the Flash installer program will now connect to lớn Adobe và download & install Flash.

Depending on your internet speed, this make take a few minutes.


When the download & installation has finished, you are prompted to "Finish" và cthảm bại the installer.

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