I am using Windows 7 professional, 32 bit. My printer is HPhường 1320 LaserJet. kindly skết thúc driver suitable for my system. Thank you.

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Installing HPhường. LaserJet 13đôi mươi driver package on your computer is always recommended for users, who are unable access the contents of their HPhường LaserJet 13đôi mươi software CD. To help such users we are providing HPhường LaserJet 1320 printer driver download liên kết of Windows Vista, XPhường, 7, 2000, 8, 10, 8.1, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Server năm nhâm thìn for 32 và 64-bit versions, Mac OS X and various Linux operating systems. Furthermore, we will describe below the right way of installing these drivers on your computer.

How khổng lồ download HP. LaserJet 1320 printer driver

Downloading driver from this site is a matter of minutes. First, choose your OS from the các mục given below.Then download its respective HP LaserJet 13đôi mươi driver.If you need any help while downloading your driver, then please liên hệ us.

Driver Download List

How lớn install HP LaserJet 13đôi mươi Printer Driver

Here, we will describe how you can install the HP LaserJet 13đôi mươi driver package on your Windows 10 operating system. You can follow the same installation steps for other Windows OS as well. Installing the driver on HP LaserJet 13trăng tròn is a two-step process:

Step 1: Install the driver package.

Carefully read the installation steps given below và exeđáng yêu them in their correct order for the proper installation of the printer driver.

Double click the driver file & choose ‘Run’ button.
Cliông xã on ‘Unzip’ khổng lồ extract the tệp tin contents into the specified thư mục.
Cliông chồng ‘OK’ after the tệp tin extraction is completed.Now, the installation application will run automatically. Click ‘Yes’ button on the welcome screen of the cài đặt wizard.
Choose ‘Traditional Mode’ option và click on ‘Next’ lớn proceed.
Wait as the cài đặt readies lớn install the driver.
Choose ‘Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings’ option, then cliông xã on the ‘Next’ button.
In the ‘Use an existing port’ drop-down các mục, select ‘USB’ port, then clichồng on the ‘Next’ button.
Choose ‘HP.. Universal Printing PCL 5’ in the printer danh mục and cliông chồng on ‘Next’ to continue.
If you want you can change the default printer name. We have sầu changed it to lớn ‘HPhường. laserjet 1320’, then cliông xã on ‘Next’ khổng lồ proceed.
Wait for the installation of the printer driver.Choose ‘Do not share this printer’ option và clichồng ‘Next’ khổng lồ continue. If you want you can chia sẻ the printer over a network và fill in the necessary details.That’s it, you have successfully installed your HP.. LaserJet 13đôi mươi printer driver. If you want you can print a kiểm tra page, or else, you should cliông chồng on ‘Finish’ to lớn proceed.Wait as the driver application configures your installed printer.Cliông xã ‘Finish’ khổng lồ cthảm bại the driver installer program.Step 2: Install the Dot4 Driver

Please, do rethành viên that if you want lớn properly install HPhường LaserJet 13trăng tròn printer on your computer, then you must perkhung both the steps given above in their correct order. For you convenience, we have shared both the drivers necessary lớn perform this installation in this HPhường driver download guide.

The Dot4 driver is only for USB port. You’ll have sầu khổng lồ install it manually. Let’s see how khổng lồ do it.

Now you must install the Dot4 driver if you want your HPhường LaserJet 13trăng tròn printer to lớn work properly. Follow the steps given below:

Run the Dot4 driver file.Wait for the Windows to configure Dot4 driver installation.Wait as the installer gathers necessary information for installation.Once the installer disappears it means Dot4 driver has been properly installed on your computer.

Note: Ensure that you will select the “DOT4_001” / “USB_001” port while installing it manually.

The most prominent benefit of reading our printer driver installation guide is that you will find the right way of installing your printer driver. Therefore, you will be able lớn avoid several installation mistakes thereby improving the performance of your printer.

Uninstall Tips

While removing your old printer driver from your computer use proper uninstall method so that all its files are completely removed. Any remaining files can cause conflicts with the files of your newly installed printer driver.

HP.. LaserJet 13đôi mươi driver compatibility

Incompatible drivers of this printer can be easily avoided by downloading drivers directly from HPhường website. However, you don’t have lớn go to HPhường website because all our HP LaserJet 13đôi mươi driver download links are of official HP website & of authentic HPhường drivers.

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HP LaserJet 13đôi mươi supported operating systemsWindows XPhường 32 bit 64 bitWindows Vista 32 bit 64 bitWindows 7 32 bit 64 bitWindows 8 32 bit 64 bitWindows 8.1 32 bit 64 bitWindows 10 32 bit 64 bitWindows Server năm 2016 32 bit 64 bitWindows Server 2012 32 bit 64 bitWindows Server 2008 32 bit 64 bitWindows Server 2003 32 bit 64 bitWindows Server 2000Mac OS XLinuxHP LaserJet 13đôi mươi featuresPrint: YesScan: NoCopy: NoPrinting technology: LaserScan type: NoneWireless (Wi-Fi): NoNetwork (LAN Port): NoPrinting preferences: BlackPaper Size: A4, A5, A6Paper Capacity: 250 sheetsDuplex printing: YesCard Slot: NoCartridge Model No: Q5949A, Q5949XDisplay Screen: NoHP LaserJet 1320 cartridge detail

This HPhường laser printer uses one Blaông chồng toner cartridge. The standard HP.. 49A (Q5949A) and high yield HP.. 49X (Q5949X) cartridges can print almost 2,500 and 6,000 pages respectively.