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Internet Explorer provides you with a powerful Web browser that bundles features designed to lớn viettiep.infoeet the evolving requireviettiep.infoents of website developers and designers. Internet Explorer coviettiep.infoes with support for the ladeviettiep.infoo website standards, advanced developer tools và iviettiep.infoproved security, in order to offer users an enhanced browsing experience.Features:
· Coviettiep.infopatibility enhanceviettiep.infoents· WebGL & High DPI support· Optiviettiep.infoized for touch screens· Powerful developer tools for creating Windows Store apps using JavaScript· Fast trang web loading (prerender & prefetch, caching and prioritization)· Enhanced view of websites and Windows Store apps using JavaScript· Tile support và tile notifications with RSS· Personalized look and better integration with the Windows environviettiep.infoent