Hãng Asus smart gesture is a touchpad driver that helps you with controlling your touchpad motions efficiently. From setting one-finger gestures khổng lồ having four-finger activities, you can do it all with the software.

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Being a máy vi tính user, I rely on good touchpad gestures to lớn vì my daily tasks efficiently. I have sầu tested the software, và I can assure you that it is one of the best touchpad drivers out there.

Keep on reading, As this page is all about providing you with the direct one-cliông xã link for Downloading Smart Gesture software.

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What is the Hãng Asus Smart Gesture?
Download Smart Gesture by Asus for Windows
Smart gestures Unique Features
How to install Asus smart gesture windows 10
How khổng lồ use Hãng Asus Smart Gesture
Is the Smart Gesture tiện ích necessary?
Is Smart Gesture software safe lớn use?
Why is the Hãng Asus Smart gesture not working?
Final Thoughts

What is the Asus Smart Gesture?

Asus Smart gesture is a touchpad driver lớn help you set và change your laptop’s touchpad gestures. You can change the motions of the touchpad by using the efficient interface the software offers. The Hãng Asus Gesture tiện ích is a gamechanger for consumers. From setting one finger motions to lớn multiple finger gestures, you can vì it all.

Hãng Asus smart gesture helps you custom & set your laptop’s gestures settings very efficiently. Moreover, The software allows you to lớn use your computer very smoothly in your daily usage by changing motions for comfortable usage.

The software has an easy-to-use interface for you to select the proper motions for your touchpad. You can easily change & set the multi-finger options for your touchpad. You can put activities up lớn four fingers by your preference.

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Download Smart Gesture by Hãng Asus for Windows

The software has an easy interface for users khổng lồ engage in the touchpad gesture manner quickly.


It has an easily customizable setting, which helps you experience the best touchpad motions for you. You can easily select between gesture settings to lớn get a quality run time.

Download ASUS Smart Gesture Windows 10 64 Bit ➜➜

Download ASUS Smart Gesture Windows 10 32 Bit ➜➜

All the file/s mentioned above sầu are hosted on ASUS’S server. We don’t host or modify any file whatsoever. Smart Gesture is the proprietary software of Hãng Asus.
NameAsus Smart Gesture
CompatibilityWindows 10/8/7/XP/Vista
Latest version4.0.12

Smart gestures Unique Features

Custom gesture settings.Put on One-finger gestures.Expandable to four-finger gestures.Aulớn disables after the mouse plugin.Effortlessly scroll and drag with gestures

The software is convenient for selecting & customizing your touchpad settings, enabling you to use your máy tính xách tay more profoundly và quickly. Download Ai Suite khổng lồ integrate several ASUS utilities together.

How khổng lồ install Hãng Asus smart gesture windows 10

Smart gesture tiện ích is không tính tiền software from the company itself. It is quite simple lớn install. You can get an overview of the motions your touchpad uses & benefit from the app’s help. Laptops gesture management is very efficient, thanks to the software itself.

The software is very secure khổng lồ use & also does not harm or damage your PC and data. So, it is overall a compact tiện ích for máy tính users.

Here are the steps khổng lồ install Smart gesture by Asus:

Download & extract the zip file.Install the downloaded file.Move sầu the file to the desired location.Run the software as an administrator.

How to use Asus Smart Gesture

Smart Gesture phầm mềm helps you lớn custom and change the motion aspects of your touchpad very smoothly. You can watch và maintain the touchpad gestures movement usages with the app. Moreover, customizing the one finger khổng lồ multiple finger gestures is very efficient with the software.

The lachạy thử version of the software has specific bug fixes và updated optimization, which help you run the software efficiently. ASUS Smart gesture works best if you tải về armoury crate.

The software is straightforward và efficient lớn use.

Here are some steps to help you use the Smart Gesture software:

1. mở cửa the software, & you will get the homepage, which showcases the touchpad’s gesture features. You can select between different gesture settings to lớn use the app.

2. Select the One finger gesture settings & set the motions according khổng lồ your preference. The following features are the one-finger gestures-

One tap & double-tap- One tap for selecting và double tap on the touchpad for launching apps.Drag & drop- Drag & drops help you khổng lồ move any selected app.Left và right-click- left clichồng for selecting an ứng dụng and Right lớn open the thực đơn.

3. Select the Double finger gestures to set the following features-

Double-tap- Double-tap for right-clichồng menuTwo-finger scroll- two-finger scroll to scroll up và downZoom out and in Two-finger dragging for zooming out & in.

4. Select the following three và four-finger gestures for the below aspects-

Three-finger tap- Use the Three-finger tap for engaging Cortana.Three-finger swipe- Do this to lớn overview current apps.Four-finger tap- Do this lớn open the action center.

Is the Smart Gesture app necessary?

The Smart gesture ứng dụng lets you optimize & enhance the performance of your laptop’s gestures. It is very efficient in expanding motion management for you. You can select which function you want to lớn use while using your PC. That helps with the initial administration of your computer.You may ask:

Does the Smart Gesture help you with custom Touchpad gestures?

The Smart Gesture phầm mềm is very efficient for customizing touch gestures. You can very easily customize your gestures by going through the settings of the ứng dụng. The software has an easy interface that helps you custom the motions quickly.

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Smart Gesture by Hãng Asus helps you boost your tốc độ to give you perfect satisfaction while using your máy tính xách tay. You can increase your touchpad’s efficiency very quickly with the phầm mềm. Furthermore, you can showcase your gestures on the tiện ích khổng lồ keep updated about certain motions.


The app lets you choose between various settings for you to get the best touchpad usage efficiently. You can easily select the One finger khổng lồ Multiple Motion modes khổng lồ manage your Touchpad settings.

Malware and privacy issues are a significant concern for consumers. The Smart gesture has no problems with malware và never puts your data at risk.

It is a very efficient ứng dụng to optimize & set up your computer’s touch gestures. For máy vi tính users, it is a useful tiện ích khổng lồ have quality run time.

Is Smart Gesture software safe lớn use?

The Smart gesture tiện ích does not need any information about your PC, making it very secure khổng lồ use & tải về. It has no issues with malware-related problems.

I have sầu used the software, và I have sầu found no problems regarding any malware. There is no problem with viruses. Your computer data also remains risk-free.

There will be no data loss or violation of privacy from the software. It is 100% safe lớn use Smart gesture software. Moreover, It will not harm your touchpad settings. You can use it very smoothly và without hesitation.

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Why is the Hãng Asus Smart gesture not working?

The Smart gesture ứng dụng is an efficient software for setting your touchpad gestures. Sometimes the software can stop working, which can be a dissatisfying thing for you. The problem usually occurs if you have sầu an un-updated driver.

Here are some easy fixes for the “Asus Smart gesture ứng dụng has stopped working” issue:

Remix your Hãng Asus Smart gesture software.Update your Touchpad driver.Install the lachạy thử version of the software.

Final Thoughts

Hãng Asus Smart Gesture software is a fast và efficient app lớn use. It gives accurate custom gesture setting results swiftly. The software is easy to lớn use for the interface provided.

You can manage your touchpad motion settings by customizing the settings & fixed premix to select your finger modes. The algorithm is very good and reliable as well as efficient for a user.

The various finger modes are a good option for you to use. You can select và disable multiple finger motions to your preferences. You can easily use your máy tính xách tay quickly và smoothly with the software help.

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The app is a compact & excellent choice for selecting và customizing your laptop’s various finger gesture settings. I recommkết thúc the Smart Gesture app to lớn any consumer who wants to lớn custom their touchpad gesture options.